Thenera party day

image(134)Yesterday was a very special day, dubbed ‘Thenera Feestjesdag’, which translate to Thenera party day.¬† It was twenty years ago that my foster-sister came to live with us. A good reason for a small celebration. The five of us [My parents, brother, sister and I] had diner together, waffles and ‘bowl’ [something like non-alcoholic punch]. A menu with a high nostalgic value, because that is what my grandmother often used to serve us.

It was ‘gezellig‘. A typical Dutch word which knows no translation in English, but means as much as fun or pleasant. My parents and my sister bought presents for everyone. My parents gave everyone a mug with a picture of the time we celebrated that Thenera lived with us for half a year. Back then my mother wanted to celebrate but didn’t dare to take us to a restaurant, so we eat together at home and all dressed-up. My brother like a pirate, my sister a grandmother and me something non-recognizable 20 years later. The highlight of the evening was my father Nico, in a purple sundress of my mum and two little ribbons in his hair, as Nicolientje.

My sister got everyone a card with a very sweet message and a matching gift. My brother got dish brush holder looking like a frog, My father a pen tray looking like plastic plant, I got alphabet stamps and my mother giant Mikado. So after dinner we had a ferocious and hilarious Mikado match, the win shared by me and my mother each with 12 points. It was an awesome evening and I’m so very glad that my parents decided that they wanted more kids.

I can’t remember what life was like before my sister came to live with us. I was seven, almost eight, so I have memories from before. But no memories of a family of four and how it was different. So in my memory she always was my sister. I do however the day we picked her up from the home she lived at and this is a very substantial and emotional one…

We had to pick her up by train, because back then my parents didn’t use to have a car. We were walking to the station, the five of us for the first time really as a family, when she realised that she forgot her teddy bear. The one she got from her birth mother and couldn’t sleep without. Not wanting to miss the train my father ran back to pick it up. And my most vivid memory of the day is my father running with is backpack bobbing up and down and me deciding that I will never in my life run with a backpack, because it looks ridiculous.


Zero to Hero, day 1

image(45)I joined a challenge, to be more precise, a blog challenge. It’s called Zero to Hero and takes 30 days to complete. The goal is to give a good start to your blog. I started my blog on January 26th this year and am almost three months in now. Perfect timing, it seems to me. Each day comes with a new goal.

Todays goal is to write an introduction about who you are and what you want to blog about. Something I already have on my blog, namely the ‘About me‘ page, which gives some background on my personal life and explains that my blogs name isn’t as random as it seems. I also already wrote an introduction post – cleverly called ‘Introduction‘ – on why I decided to start my blog and I hope that the menu gives some inkling what my blog will be about… I’ll give you a hint: my life, creative things and TV/Movie reviews.

Basically I covered most – if not all – the questions asked. This makes it hard for me to decide what I could and want to write today. I feel like not writing a post is cheating on the challenge, something that is not done – even more so on the first day. Neither did I want to rehash all the things I already put out there. Therefore I give you this update about me thinking what to do and deciding that sharing the thought would suffice.

Only 29 more days left!

Life skills…

image(1)I possess several life skills and sometimes I have this urge to gain more. Some are very practical. I can fix my bike if needed, I can assemble Ikea furniture and I can read a map. Possible some other useful stuff also. I like learning new skills. This year I relearned how to knit [I was able to knit when I was about ten, but never really got the hang of it so I gave it up.]

Over the last five days I gained a very important new one. It all started with an intriguing object I found in my parents study. I did some internet research [Youtube is your friends] and now I am pretty okay at it. I’m kind of proud of myself, because this was something I really wanted to learn. I gave it a bad try earlier, but now I actually accomplished something.

Ladies and gentlemen, I can solve a rubik’s cube! I admit it’s a completely useless skill, but one I now am proud to possess. There are more useful and useless skills I want to acquire, among them being sign language, handstand, French, skateboarding and programming in something more sophisticated as HTML.


image(132)Yesterday we went on an adventure. My sister had a birthday in February and we gave her a day trip to Amsterdam where we went trampoline jumping.  We had an hour. It was amazing and very tiring. Certainly something to repeat.
And afterwards we had sushi. It was a good day.

Christmas truce [1914]

image(130) Today we went to the ‘In Flanders Field Museum‘. It is a multimedia experience. There are films depicting ‘people’ [actors really] talking about their experience during the war. It was so well done. The one I liked most was of four soldiers – German, French, Belgian and English – talking about the Christmas Truce of 1914. A night in which there were many unofficial cease fires. Soldiers from both sides went into no man’s land and exchanged food and souvenirs, even took photo’s together. I think this is maybe the best illustration of the pointlessness of this war. There was no hate between both sides, they were just doing the jobs they were supposed to do. Unlike most wars when people fight for their ideology and are intricately motivated.

The picture is me and my dad reading an information plaque earlier this holiday. My mum gets credits for taking the photo.